How do I know if I am eligible to vote?

If you are an APXT shareholder and purchased your shares on or before June 1, 2021 you are eligible to vote.

If you sold your shares after June 1, 2021, you are still eligible to vote.

On what am I being asked to vote?

APXT is seeking shareholder approval for its proposed merger with AvePoint. As an APXT shareholder, you have the right to cast your vote on whether to approve this transaction. Completion of the transaction requires the approval of the shareholders. You're being asked to vote on:

  • Business Combination Proposal: this is the proposal that that provides for the approval of the business combination itself as described in the business combination agreement and the proxy.

  • Charter Proposals: in order for the merger to happen, we must amend our charter to, among other things, increase the number of shares to allow for the number of shares in the combined entity, change the name of the combined entity to AvePoint, Inc. Without approval of this them, it would be difficult to effectuate the merger properly.

  • Equity Incentive Plan Proposal: approval of this this proposal allows us to continue to be competitive with our peer companies (which all have them) and to get and retain the best talent in our industry.

  • Employee Stock Purchase Program Proposal: This proposal allows us to offer to our employees the ability to purchase stock in the company.

  • Nasdaq Proposals: These are proposals that need to be approved as a Nasdaq listed company to allow us to accept the Pipe investors and issue the equity required as part of the Business Combination Agreement.

  • Adjournment Proposal: this proposal allows us to continue the meeting if we need more time to get additional votes to effectuate the proposals above.

Your vote is very important to us. Please vote as soon as possible. If you do not vote, you are essentially voting against a proposal necessary to properly effectuate the merger properly. The board recommends that you vote YES for all 6 proposals and subparts.

How do I cast my vote?

Click here for instructions on how to cast your vote.

What is the deadline for casting my vote?

All shareholder votes must cast their votes as soon as possible and no later than June 30, 2021.

How does APXT recommend I cast my vote?

The board of directors of APXT unanimously approved the proposed transaction and recommends that shareholders vote to approve.

Click here to read a letter from Co-CEOs of APXT, Jeff Epstein and Brad Koenig explaining why they support the transaction and thinks you should too.

What happens if shareholders approve the transaction?

If the shareholders approve the transaction, APXT will move to complete its merger with AvePoint, subject to customary closing conditions, including any applicable regulatory approvals. Upon closing, AvePoint will begin trading as a publicly-listed company under the ticker symbol “AVPT”

What happens to my shares of APXT if the transaction is approved and completed?

Your shares in APXT will immediately convert to shares in the merged entity, which will trade under the stock ticker “AVPT”.

What happens if shareholders decline to approve the transaction?

If shareholders do not vote to approve the transaction, the merger with AvePoint will not proceed. If you do not vote, it counts as a vote against the merger.

Now is the time to fully stake your claim in the markets by supporting the APXT shareholder vote. To continue to participate in the value creation opportunity offered by AvePoint, a majority of shareholders like you must vote to approve the merger.